Mar. 4th, 2011

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Did not read nearly as much this month, too much knitting to do and TV to watch. Everything was electric this month, no paper crossed my hands. Next month I hope lay off the trashy romances a bit to clear some of the YA I've been meaning to read - Behemoth, the flapper Luxe novel, and the new Cassie Claire (for reasons that continue to escape me.)

14. Scandal of the Season: Abandoned at the Altar - Laura Lee Guhkie (Romance)
15. Lord of Scoundrels - Loretta Chase (Romance)
16. 10 Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord - Sarah Maclean (Romance)
17. Where Shadows Dance - C.S. Harris (Mystery)
18. Hold Me Closer Necromancer - Lish McBride(Young Adult)

Cranky bitching in the guise of halfhearted reviews. )--

Okay! Seeing as I'm bitching, Let's talk about Side Jobs, like I've been promising for a while now.

The problem with producing a collection of (mostly) previously published series-related shorts is that 1.) they are all over the place in continuity and importance as they relate to the overall series, and 2.) (more importantly) often they contain plot points that you probably would have liked to know before they were referenced in the novels. Drives me up a freaking wall. I know that these shorts were largely written for themed anthologies and they're a nice way to attract new readers to the series and get out some of those one-off ideas, but seriously authors? Putting major plot points in shorts that readers of the ongoing series may or may not realize exist (or have a desire to buy, steal or ILL,) is a really cruddy thing to do.

The Dresden series isn't even that bad, really, it just got my ire up on the subject again. The only story I can think of off the top of my head that I wish had been read in context was the one where Billy and Georgia got married, (and yeah the last one with Murphy also needs to be read before Ghost Story comes out, but I'm less enraged about that because being collected with the rest of the Dresden stories brings it back in with the overall series. But damn it's be nice if they numbered the books so you knew you had them in the right order, wouldn't it? What if someone decides to read this as like their third book and spoils the hell out of themselves by accident?) Anyway, the one that REALLY burns me is the Sookie Stackhouse collection. I'm reading along in the broader series and oh hey, look! Sookie's got a human cousin who has got a thing going on with the Queen of Louisiana. Not a big deal. THE VERY NEXT BOOK: Wait, what do you mean the cousin got turned into a vampire and now she's dead and it was this whole big thing and Sookie was there for it?! (Or something like that. I still haven't read the thing, I'm so pissed.) And it really wasn't a minor plot point like the Billy/Georgia thing, it's had repercussions throughout the series. It was, in my ever so freaking humble opinion, a really shitty thing to do to her readers.

Anyway, authors! I'm not hating on short stories. I'm hating on the way you introduce new things in them and expect us to know what you're talking about when you reference them elsewhere. It's a dick move. Don't be a dick.


My spleen feels so light and fluffy now. Wow!



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